BARC Tech Night will be held monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 7:00 PM

All members and guests are invited and encouraged to attend for an educational evening.

Download DMR Slides

Download - June 2019 Presentation: Designing and building Matching Networks

Download May Tech Night Presentation by Trevor

These are open to changes, especially if someone would like to present a different topic.

Other topics I have on the backlog are:
- Soldering techniques (through hole and surface mount)
- Using lab gear (signal generators, oscilloscopes, multimeters, antenna analyzers, etc.)
- How your radio works (meant as a first step to designing your own radio)
- Deep dive into the details of digital modes (at least RTTY, PSK31, and
- Building an inexpensive and portable dual-band yagi (meant for satellite

The clubhouse is located at the former Sugarcreek Elementary School in downtown Bellbrook.


Street Address
Club house Phone: 937-985-7698
51 South East Street
Bellbrook, OH 45305