BARC members only at this time because of Clubhouse space limitations and member interest

As announced at the February BARC meeting and via an email message distributed March 1st, a BARC Antenna Study Group, part of BARC's occasional Continuing Education Program, will begin on Monday 19 March at 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse. This will be a presentation and discussion series on basic antenna fundamentals with minimal theory and math. Length of course will be a couple hours or so per week for about 4 weeks-a little longer if needed/desired.

This Study Group may be of particular interest to Technician Class licensees if the ARRL's proposal to the FCC for increased Technician Class HF voice and digital operating privileges is granted. (The ARRL announcement was released just 20 minutes after the BARC Antenna Study Group email announcement on March 1st - see attachment.)

Scope of the BARC Antenna 'course' will be practical HF and VHF/UHF monoband and multiband horizontal and vertical antenna designs including wire antennas, beams, supports, feedlines, baluns, tuners/matching units, etc., and how to calculate element lengths for constructing antennas. And, about why and when to use different designs for different objectives. The last time we did this, we followed-up the 'classroom' sessions with some field trips to survey some home QTH sites for those interested in erecting antennas. Four weeks will put us into April with longer daylight and, hopefully, warmer weather. This also will be good timing for making a list of parts and/or products you may want to buy at Hamvention.

This BARC Study Group is being offered only to BARC members at this time because of Clubhouse space limitations and the anticipated interest in the 'course'.