Skills Night is back!

Skills Night is held the first Tuesday of each month and is intended for new hams
and members who have questions about what to do now that they have a license.
The focus is on operating techniques and getting on the air as easily and quickly as possible.
The September Skills Night will be held Tuesday, September 7, at 7:00 pm at the BARC
Clubhouse. We’ll explore the BARC antennas and radio stations and talk about topics for future meetings.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
I will bring my radio programming gear so bring your new radios. If you have a programming
cable for your radio, that would be best.
73, John, W8LRJ

Download Introduction to DMR Presentation Slides

Programming Your HT or Mobile Radio

Programming your new HT or mobile radio is easy using Chirp! The software is available for free download and runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This presentation provides a step-by-step guide to using Chirp and importing a list a repeaters from the Internet. Although it is specific to the Baofeng UV-5R, using Chirp is the same for any radio. If you have several HT's and mobiles, you can easily program all your radios at once with the same repeater info!
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Chirp Image to program your Baofeng UV-5R Radio Be sure to read from your radio and save the original image first before using this one, just in case. You should also change the callsign and name in the Power-On message under Settings...Other Settings.

Mentor's Notebook

What Do I Do Now?
Congratulations on getting your license and welcome to ham radio! It is natural to have lots of
questions and to wonder what you should do next or how to get on the air. This Mentor’s Notebook is
intended to help you get started and answer many of the questions that new hams have. But what is a
Mentor? A Mentor is an experienced amateur radio operator who acts as a teacher and guide for a new
ham. These people used to be called Elmers in the jargon of amateur radio.
This notebook is mainly a local guide for what you can do in the Miami Valley now that you are a
licensed amateur radio operator. There are sections on purchasing a radio, how repeaters work and a list
of local repeaters, and some tips on programming your new radio. The appendix contains several,
useful guides you can print out and keep near your home station. Be sure to take advantage of the
Mentors listed in this guide. They are always happy to answer all your questions. Hams are great
people so don’t be afraid to contact them!
The Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC) and the BARC Education Committee sponsor this
notebook. Please consider attending a BARC Membership meeting on the third Thursday of every
month and join the fun. For more information, visit the BARC website at
In addition to this Notebook as a guide for new hams, the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL),
the National organization for amateur radio in the U.S., puts out a podcast for new hams titled “So Now
What?” You can access that podcast at the ARRL website at
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Amateur Radio License Classes and Tests

The Greene County Amateur Radio License Courses, jointly sponsored by the three Greene County amateur radio clubs (Bellbrook, Fairborn and Xenia) and Greene County ARES,

To register for one of the courses or for more information, please contact Lyle Steinhardt by email at .

Coordinator, Greene County License Courses